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About Me


My name is Natalia and I am a male-to-female transgender person living in Switzerland.


Since my early childhood – probably age eight or nine – I was very confused about my body, more specifically about my gender. Put differently, I had a body of a boy but felt awkward in it because in spirit and mind I longed to be a girl – a feeling that has accompanied me through my adolescence and adulthood.


At the age of 40 I started, after a life-long battle with myself, the process of shifting my gender. Through this shift I am certain to find union between my body and my spirit, and to live an authentic, fulfilling and joyful life – something I have longed since the dawn of times.


I am married to my long-time friend and life-companion who I have two gorgeous sons with, and who since their birth have been a joy of our lives. My transgenderism and the pursuing gender transition have strained my marriage enormously but my partner and I are still hanging there, hoping to one day come to terms with this new, and very unusual situation. Admittedly, transcending gender divisions – even between two loving partners – is not an easy task. I do believe however that “love will prevail”.


I am a curious person, a life-long learner you could say, with wide-ranging interests and important causes I care for. These include photography, astronomy, spirituality, positive psychology, climate and environment, women’s rights, sustainability, and more… It is through these interests, among other things, that I have learned to appreciate the beauty of our physical world and the importance of our interconnectedness with it as well as with all living beings, and human beings in particular.


The photo is courtesy to my wonderful sister Agnieszka and her Agma Studio

As for my professional life… I have been devoted to “numbers” since the very graduation from university back in 1998. More specifically, I am and have always been a finance and accounting professional – admittedly not a very exciting field of work on the face of it. And yet, it is in this seemingly uninteresting domain that I have discovered that numbers truly can reveal insightful concepts and ideas. But more importantly, it is through my professional activities that I have learned the significance of balanced living, one where work is just a piece of the bigger, more significant life-puzzle called “the pursuit of happiness”.


Well, that’s probably enough about me… Please get in touch if you think it’s worth your time and effort. I am always on the lookout to establish new relations with other interesting humans.