The TrueSelf | Christmas Is Coming…
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Christmas Is Coming…

Here is a short Christmas poem for all of my friends, family and all those others I hold in deep respect. I wish you most wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2016. And make sure to check the awesome Christmas photos I have recently taken at Le Hameau du Père Noël, which I so recommend you go and visit…kids will have so much fun.


With love,


While you enjoy the gifts,
food, sparkle of ornaments and lights,
feasting on favorite foods,
I wish this Christmas
would envelop you
in the special warmth
and rich contentment
the season brings.


I wish friends, family,
all those who love you
let you know how much they care,
so that you feel happily wrapped
in their affection.


I wish this Christmas
would be one you never forget,
a shining beacon in your memory
to light all of your days.